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Home & Garden Showplace 1000 Huntington Tpke. Bridgeport CT 06610
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Planters Ceramic Pottery Window Boxes Hanging Baskets Potting Soil Plant Brackets
Vegetable Seeds Herb Seeds Flower Seeds Harts Seeds Livingston Seeds Starter Trays
Garden Hose Garden Sprinklers Hose Nozzles Hose Repair Parts Hose Reels Wheelbarrows
Hand Tools Shovels Rakes Leaf Rakes Pruners Loppers
Weed Fabric Cemetery Memorials Mulch Top Soil Bagged Stone Garden Soil
Annuals Perennials Starter Plants Vegetable Plants Herb Plants Flowers
Geraniums Wave Petunias Zinnias Impatiens Marigolds Begonias
Basil Cucumbers Lettuce Cantaloupe Watermelon Onions
Parsley Peppers Tomatoes Broccoli Brussel Sprouts Collards
Green Cabbage Red Cabbage Beans Celery Corn Eggplant
Grass Seed Pennington Grass Seed GreenView Grass Seed Turf Master Grass Seed Lebanon ProScape ProScape Grass Seed
Lebanon Pro Lebanon Turf Crabgrass Preventers Weed & Feed Insect Controls Disease Controls
Scotts Grass Seed Scotts Lawn Fertilizer Scotts 4 Step Lawn Program Jonathan Green Jonathan Green Grass Seed Jonathan Green Lawn Fertilizer
Cedar Mulch Pine Mulch Hemlock Mulch Bulk Mulch Bag Mulch Landscape Mulch
Sand Marble Chips Potting Soil Garden Soil Lawn Soil Top Soil
Lime Solu-Cal Gypsum Grass Seed Lawn Fertilizer Hay
Straw Mulch Master Hay Mulch Master Straw Semican Mulch Peat Moss Landscape Plants
Wild Bird Seed Wild Bird Food Black Oil Sunflower Nyjer Seed Cracked Corn Whole Corn
Suet Cakes Suet Feeders Lyric Wild Bird Food Wagner Wild Bird Food Aspen Song Wild Bird Stripe Sunflower
Tube Feeders Thistle Feeders Squirrel Proof Feeders Bird Baths Hummingbird Feeders Bird Houses
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Espoma Organic Products Milorganite Corn Gluten Solu-Cal Milky Spore Organic Lawn Care Programs
Organic Fertilizers Organic Potting Mix Lobster Compost Insect Controls Disease Controls Deer Repellents
Compost Manures Chicken Manure Ice Melt Rock Salt Calcium Chloride Snow Shovels
Fresh Cut Trees Fresh Wreaths White Pine Roping Poinsettias Cemetery Memorials Grave Blankets
Live Trees Balsam Trees Frazier Fir Trees Spruce Trees Kissing Balls Centerpieces
Artificial Trees Pre-Lit Trees Un-Lit Trees Wreaths Garland Ornaments
Tree Stands Mini Lights LED Lights Battery Lights Lighted Figures Outdoor Decor
Platform Feeders Bat Houses Droll Yankee Feeders Peanut Feeders Bird Feeder Hooks Squirrel Feeders
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Home and Garden Showplace is your premier garden center serving Monroe gardeners and landscapers. Home and Garden Showplace garden center offers a full selection of lawn, garden and landscaping products in our garden center. Home and Garden Showplace garden center is staffed with knowledgeable staff to assist in making your lawn, garden or landscaping project a success. Home and Garden Showplace garden center serving Monroe is the areas garden center for all seasons. Home and Garden  Showplace garden center offers the finest selection of annuals, perennials, trees, shrubs, roses and vegetable plants in our greenhouses and nursery for Monroe, CT. Home and Garden Showplace garden center in the fall offers a beautiful selection of mums, pumpkins, hay bales and more for fall decorating. Home and Garden Showplace garden center displays a Holiday Wonderland for the Christmas season. Our Christmas Shop for Monroe, CT offers the best selection of artificial and live Christmas trees, wreaths, roping, lights, tree stands, ornaments and more. Home and Garden Showplace garden center offers a full line of ice melt, rock salt, calcium chloride and snow shovels for Monroe.
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1000 Huntington Tpke. Bridgeport CT 06610
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